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Ten years later

In a 2008 article published in the Annals of Human Biology, SR Chang and KH Chen wrote about their findings in a cross-sectional study performed on 214 Taiwanese post-adolescent girls, their mothers and their grandmothers. They were investigating the age of menarche over the course of three generations. The reason I am citing this research is because the Bible and my research in "Buried Alive" predicted results such as these ten years ago. The trend in the maturation process of children down through the ages continues to spiral downward from the ancient people of Genesis to modern humans. Their results found, "the distribution of age at menarche moved significantly earlier over three generations." Conclusion: "The results showed a significant decrease in the onset age of menstruation over three generations, with a positive effect on age at menarche from mothers to daughters and from grandmothers to granddaughters.

Age at Menarche of three- generation families in Taiwan Annals of Human Biology 35(4):394-405, 2008 Jul-Aug.

I entitled this little piece of information "Ten Years Later" because in 1998 in "Buried Alive", on page 268, I wrote the following:

"Ultimately, it appears as if man is headed for younger ages of maturation. We were truly fearfully and wonderfully made, but the Fall made a major difference. This is exactly the opposite message to evolution where the biological world becomes more complex, not less efficient, less vital."

I write this also to remind you that Paul wrote in Romans 8:20 "For the creation was subjected to futility..." and 8:21 "slavery to corruption" and that the Christian church needs to wake up to this reality and pay more attention to degeneration and devolution of the creation rather than capitulate to the false promises of progress through evolution. Unfortunately, the Church is complacently capitulating to unscientific evidence through theistic evolution while the above evidence goes largely unnoticed. This is undoing the faith of the younger generations where much weight is placed on science in education and they are receiving just what a humanist world-view wants them to receive.

It has been said that the Bible is an unscientific book and it is merely religious in nature. Most journalists who interview me only want to know about my "faith" and not my research. In fact, recently, I have had requests from two "religious editors" and one was from Fox News. Both requests concerned the 200-year anniversary of Darwinís birth. However, when a religious editor calls me, they only want to talk about one thing and its not science. Otherwise, the science editor would have called me.

Therefore, we must reemphasize the scientific nature of the Bible. How can this be done? Well, one of the main attributes of scientific research is that, if correct, it can make predictions about future discoveries in a specific field. The above findings prove that the Bible is not only a spiritual resource but a scientific one as well. It can predict future data and results based upon what it has described in the past.

Finally it is not a book of gloom and doom. The Biblical message is that while science can protect us to some degree, it is God who ultimately holds the keys to the fate of humanity. Thankfully, He is a good God or else this whole problem of degeneration could cause us to despair. I donít believe Heís going to let it go too far. Ultimately, Jesus will return and set things straight. Reversing devolution will be a priority in His administration.

"For the youth will die at the age of one hundred and the one who does not reach the age of one hundred will be thought accursed" Isaiah 65: 20

Let not your hearts be troubled, original conditions will be restored and mankindís longevity will be as it was in the beginning.

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