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Swanscombe Page 3
Dr. Cuozzo responds

Comments from Dr Cuozzo:
About the Swanscombe fossils. I did find (Sep. 2000) two pieces of the remains at the Barnfield pit but I did not recognize them as bones but merely stones that looked "carved". This is the truth. In January of 2001 I was going through rocks and shells that I had collected from all over England and some in Europe, about 200 in total and for the first time realized these were fossilized bones. One is the left mastoid and it fits the skull perfectly, the other is the left pubis. I returned these to the British Embassy in Washington, to Rosemarie Edwards and was given an official receipt for them. I think if you close the park and look around the metal picnic table, I think that's were we found them. I don't know for sure but I would say to look within twenty-five to fifty feet from the picnic table and I would guess the entire left side of the Swanscombe woman is washing out. The other thing is to offer a reward to the neighborhood people for anything they might have found. I'd be willing to bet somebody has found teeth somewhere, but I never saw any. I would have recognized a piece of maxilla or mandible for sure.

I gave the Embassy a picture of the picnic table where my wife and I ate and looked around for carved rocks. [sentence deleted by Dr. Stringer]I just want the truth about these fossils to come out. I used to think that's what everybody wanted. If I can help in any other way to locate more pieces of Swanscombe, I'd be willing to do that. You could send me a map of the Pit and I could try to show you which paths I looked at. I do have other pictures of the Swanscombe site and a position obtained from a global positioning instrument that is essentially the same as the published position of the original discovery. The x rays and microscopic pictures prove that it is bone, not rock and the mastoid portion fits Dr. Mann's reproduction that we purchased from his lab. The pubis is genuine and it must still be associated with the skull by chemical testing. The fact that it came from Swanscombe is truly remarkable, but I assure you it was in the bag of rocks that I collected near the Swanscombe metal picnic table. There is no way that it could be mixed with any other rocks collected in Europe. I was very careful about keeping things labeled in separate plastic bags. The two fossils are "left side" of the body so, I believe the entire left side is washing out near that table on a sloped path."

Comment by Dr. Cuozzo to third party:
"I wrote an e-mail to Chris Stringer and told him about the rocks being at the British Embassy in Wash. DC. He wrote back and said he was trying to obtain them. I have a written receipt for them. I have over 50 x rays and photo micrographs that prove they are bones plus expert opinion. I also have photomicrographs of the facial nerve trunk in the stylomastoid foramen."

Comment from third parties:
This mastoid process, found by Dr. Cuozzo during a casual picnic with his wife in a south London park, fits precisely puzzle like into the Swanscombe Skull. It was turned over to English authorities, but first yielded an interesting hypothesis about the Swanscombe woman's death."

"In the interest of researchers searching the Swanscombe park area, Dr.Cuozzo has warned English authorities that the site is being overrun by children at play. They presently are considering Dr. Cuozzo's request that, in the interest of science, the site be cordoned off to protect possible additional fossil finds from despoliation by bicycles."

Dr. Cuozzo responds

"To be fair, Chris should have tested our bones against a range of bones in that bed and not the least mineralized one or he should have used even the original skull itself.... but it did not "fit in the machine".

He knows I did not see the original to be able to speak about the surface appearance of it."
June 8, 2001

Here are pictures of Dr. Cuozzo's discovery. The first is a Lateral Radiograph of the Temporal bone fragment with Mastoid process.

Barnfield Pit Swanscombe, UK
c. 250,000 - 400,000 yrs
Dr. Jack Cuozzo and Dr. Austin Robbins

Legend: Figure 1 demonstrates the (A) mastoid lateral, (B) medial, (C) antero-inferior, and (D) posterior views of the left temporal bone. Figure D shows a comparison of a modern human mastoid and juxtamastoid process (artificial) compared to the new fossil from Swanscombe

Confirmation from David Menton PhD

Regarding Dr. Cuozzo's discovery of additional bones from Swanscombe:
"Your specimen does indeed appear to be a pubic bone with a symphysial surface. The symphysial surface is ridged and furrowed with nodular elevations. This is consistent with the specimen being from an elderly individual."
David Menton PhD

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