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New remains from Swanscombe discovered by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

The Swanscombe skull

The original Swanscombe remains consist of an occipital, a left parietal and a right parietal (Day 1993). They were found in the gravels of the River Thames, Swanscombe, Kent.

According to Wolpoff (1980) and Day (1993) the remains are that of a young female.

The cranial capacity as listed by Stringer and Gamble (1993) is 1325 ml.

Le Gros Clark (1955) called attention to similarities between the Swanscombe and Steinheim forms, while others emphasize "primitive" Neanderthal features. (Day 1993, pg 23)

New discoveries in Swanscombe

Dr. Jack Cuozzo, author of the book "Buried Alive - The Startling Truth about Neanderthal Man" discovered 2 additional pieces of the Swanscombe woman in September 2000.

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