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Creation vs Evolution Debate
Dr. Cuozzo and Dr. Alan Mann

Recently Dr. Jack Cuozzo debated Anthropology professor Alan Mann from the University of Pennsylvania (Dr. Mann has since transferred to Princeton).

This page will give a review of the debate, and also update you on if / when the debate tapes will be released.

Currently Dr. Mann is trying to stop distribution of the debate. One is left to wonder why he would do this, if he is so confident about his position on Evolution.

Dr. Mann admitted in the debate that the fossil record is a mess and is in a state of confusion right now (in part because of the new discovery of Kenyanthropus).

Comments from Dr. Cuozzo on the debate:

"The debate went well although the videotapes are being held back from the public by Dr. Mann. I think that he doesn't think he did so well and he's kind of afraid to let them out. But, he didn't do too badly. He may still change his mind. I was able to make some points about new bones that I had found and some very tiny carvings both of which are very ancient. He spoke about Australopithecines, his favorite topic and his research. I showed some falsified skulls and also spoke of Neanderthal slow growth and development. He agreed with that and I was surprised. I think I won but only the tapes can prove that if they come out."

If you are interested in a tape of the debate please email me and I will contact you if / when they are released. Please specify in your email that you are wanting the debate tape and not a radio program.

I am starting a letter writing campaign to have the video tapes released. If you would like to add your name to the list of those that want the debate tape released please email me with your full name and address and your name will be added.

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