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Other Alleged Human Ancestors

This page will discuss

The effect of sin on a perfect world

The entire world is suffering from the slavery of decay that started when Adam sinned. Man was more complex in the Garden of Eden, and apes most likely were as well. What we see now, after thousands of years of degeneration are humans and apes that are less complex and less sophisticated than they were in the beginning. This is exactly the opposite of what evolution describes.

Dr. Cuozzo comments on Kenyanthropus:
"The Kenyanthropus platyops is a strange new form of complex ape. If we have fallen apes in our world today...when you go back in history,you should find more complex or advanced type apes...and that's exactly what you find. Only thing is that they're not related to us at all. Just because God made apes that are more human-like does not mean that they are related to us, especially if they are not in a time-ordered sequence. Since the dates of these creatures are all mixed-up, and there are lots of different ones at the same time periods. It has really confused the evolutionists...a fact that Dr. Mann admitted in the debate. They had small molars and before this discovery large molars were they don't know which came first, small or large molars."

Upon completion this page will also discuss other alleged human ancestors, and include an audio file about Kenyanthropus (from Dr. Cuozzo's interveiw on "Janet Parshall's America") that you can download and listen to. I will also post an audio file of Dr. Cuozzo's interview with Charles Thurston in which he discusses Homo erectus and the Australopithecines.

Audio File

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