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Ben Stein Expelled No Intelligence allowed

Chased and Suppressed
Added by: Dr. Jack Cuozzo, on 2008-01-31 11:28:42

In 1979 I x-rayed and measured the Neanderthal child's skull, Pech de l'Aze, in Paris, France in the famous Musee' de l'Homme. I first reported my results in an article in 1987:Cuozzo JW." Earlier orthodontic intervention: a view from prehistory." [Historical Article. Journal Article] Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association. 58(4):33-40, 1987 Autumn. Next, in 1998 New Leaf Press published my first book "Buried Alive" in which this little Neanderthal was prominently featured.

In both the first article and the book I pointed out and illustrated how the French anthropologist E. Patte had misplaced the lower jaw too far forward to make it appear more ape-like, rather than a flatter face, which is more human-like. When I first turned in my duplicate x-rays to the museum, in August 1979, we were followed (my family of five children and I) for several days by shadowy men in two sports cars. This pursuit finally ended with a high-speed street chase through the streets of Paris, with us barricading ourselves in our borrowed apartment in a Parisian suburb. They sat on the hoods of their cars smoking cigarettes most of the night looking up at the high rise where we were hidden. We got away. The rest of the story is recalled in the book.

However, the point of this story is to emphasize that I had come to some significant conclusions about this Neanderthal child and was asked to contribute a chapter in a German museum book about Neanderthals. I did, and it was published in 2005 with Herbert Ullrich editor. "The Neandertal Adolescent Le Moustier 1 (Band 12) New Aspects, New Results "Staatliche Museum in Berlin.

The truth hidden in Neanderthal skulls is this: they are very slow growers and mature very slowly. The adults that I x-rayed with a cephalometric machine, showed very old ages. These results are too Biblical to be accepted by the evolutionary establishment [the Biblical patriarchs lived for hundreds of years and matured at a slower rate that people today].

Now, jump to 2007-8 and visit the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, Hall of Human Origins, and they have a new "typical" Neanderthal child called Roc de Marsal 1 and guess what? His whole little face is further forward in an ape-like position.

I wrote to Dr. Ian Tattersall about this and both he and Gary Sawyer (Lab Tech) said the French anthropologists sent it to them like this, and that the whole little face hinged on one point only at the bridge of the nose. It could be swung in or out according to your preference.

Now my little flat-faced Pech de l'Aze' is no longer the typical 2-3 yr old Neanderthal. This one is! With the swinging-door face. To further suppress the truth, an article was recently published in the Journal of Human Evolution by five authors further establishing Roc de Marsal 1 as the genuine example of the Neanderthal juvenile remains by means of the geological layers in which it was found. There are 50 references listed in this article (M. Soressi et al. J. Human Evol.52(2007) 455-466). Even the name of E. Patte from 1957, whose article I disproved...yet search where you may, my name does not appear in this extensive list. Anyone who disagrees with the ape-heritage story is eventually suppressed.

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