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This page will discuss the Neanderthal DNA and counter arguments that it can be used to show that Neanderthal man was not related to us.

It will discuss how the fall of man affected not only the spiritual state of man, but also the physical.

We will also look at the DNA of the anatomically modern human fossils Mungo 3.

Comments from Dr. Cuozzo

"The mtDNA [Mitochondrial DNA] is different in Neanderthals and the reason is very simple. We are devolved humans and they [the Neanderthals] were less devolved than us. Paul's letter (Romans 8).

Also as one ages today his or her mtDna also changes considerably. The older persons in Genesis (300+) would most likely have mtDNA which is different than the younger people. Also new information tells us than mtDNA mutates much faster than previously known rates. Also, the Lake Mungo 3 (Australia)individual,an anatomically modern human, supposedly from 60,000 yrs. ago has different mtDNA than moderns today.

All of this says that as time rolls on genetic changes take place, which seem irreversible, that make us more degenerated (Romans 8) or more devolved than our ancient ancestors. That is basically the entire theme of my book." .... By the way, all of creation is subject to this slavery to decay. not just humans. It started with sin in the Garden of Eden."

Romans 5:14

"Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned. After the similitude of Adams transgression."

"The problem with ancient DNA research, besides all the contamination difficulties in the lab, is that if our ancient Pre-Flood and immediate Post-Flood forefathers and mothers had a better genome than us, which I suspect, the matches would come out something like the Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA is presently showing. Also, old age changes it."
- Dr. Cuozzo

Update 7/24/09

I just sent this to New Leaf Press; Robert Parrish

Dear Robert,
I've just made another "Ten Years Later" discovery. It came out this week in Science magazine. (17 July 2009):
Sequencing Neandertal Mitochondrial Genomes by the Half-Dozen, Elizabeth Pennisi

"On page 318, a team led by Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, describes a new technique the team used to decipher the entire mitochondrial genomes from five of these extinct humans. These genomes show relatively little genetic diversity among Neandertals scattered across Europe and Asia."

It seems that the genetic make-up of Neaderthals was just established for mitochondrial DNA..that part of the cell which is the battery "so to speak" of the cell. Anyway, it was found that the this mtDNA that is only passed on by females to children, male and female, was much more homgeneous for this ancient population of people. Making our ancient relatives about 1/3 as diverse as us. I now quote from page 102 of Buried Alive:

"Noah's family of Shem , Ham, and Japheth and their wives were capable of giving rise to all of mankind because they carried the genes of us all. All that their progeny needed was physical separation, so as not to maintain a homogeneous population."

In -other-words, they were not as diverse as us.

Now page 180. "Therefore, because of all the aforementioned data, it seems justified to use Le Moustier as a baseline for adult growth changes. Now we can move forward to the Neanderthal adults from the same area of Southern France, staying within the homogeneity of the group." In-other-words, they were not as diverse as us.

Jack Cuozzo

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