Buried Alive - The Startling Truth about Neanderthal Man by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

UPDATE: Dr. Cuozzo passed away on March 23, 2017. His obituary can be found here.

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Dr. Cuozzo's Biography

Dr. Cuozzo has a chapter in the new book: "The Neandertal Adolescent Le Moustier 1 (Band 12) New Aspects, New Results"

It is published by the Staatliche Museum in Berlin, edited by Herbert Ullrich and includes chapters by Ian Tattersall and Jeffrey Schwartz, Jennifer Thompson and Andrew Nelson, Bruno Maurielle and Alain Turq, plus many other Neanderthal experts in the world.

Dr. Cuozzo's research on the Le Moustier neanderthal remains show that the original skull was improperly reconstructed based on evolutionary presuppositions. Dr. Cuozzo's radiographs of the skull indicate that the individual was not apelike at all, but human and followed a biblical rate of maturation.

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Audio Files

Dr. Cuozzo interviewed on "Truths that transform" Track 1

Dr. Cuozzo interview Track 2 (Bible is inconsistant with evolution /human children developing faster today/ Sabertooth teeth)

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Dr. Cuozzo interviewed on "Truths that transform" Track 10

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Audio File: The skull from Broken Hill

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